Ganesha Cards: #35 Personal Transformation

From Angela Hartfield’s Whispers of Lord Ganesha Your soul is assisting you with creating changes to align you with your life‘s purpose. As you can see in this image “Ganesha is pointing to the heavens and encouraging you to be open to new ideas and the growth of your spirit. Listen to the still small […]

Where are the brakes? Gender Identity, Childhood and Thorns

Many people police children’s behavior and needs based on their own experience in society. This is A Christmas Story, but I didn’t “shoot [my] eye out”, I lost control. The only gifts I recall from this particularly sunny Christmas season were the two bikes we received. He got one in blue and black. Mine was […]

Brain Games: Team Building Exercises where Neurodivergent People Excel

Here’s a little story I got to tell about several years ago when I was in hell. We had to do team building as you will read; it was my colleagues, bad leadership and me, Mx. D. The team building was held at an athletic facility. I felt out of place. I was already an […]

Hydration is Healing

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