Doakes, Dexter and Self Love MF

“If you had a personal life you might not have made me your obsession and we wouldn’t be here right now.” -Dexter Doakes tells it like it is…or at least the way he sees it which is black and white. Within a few episodes of the first season, Doakes refers to Dexter as a weirdo, […]

Celebrity Declarations and the Unaffected Patriarchy 🤦🏽‍♀️

The Opinion by Marcie Bianco is a well written piece. It is consistent in many ways. It does not, however, in my opinion, support it’s claim. It just makes one. Basically, Miley Cyrus and Julianne Hough are disrupting the Patriarchy by telling the public (and their partners 😮) that they aren’t heterosexual. 😳🤯 This, […]


“One man's constant is another man's variable.” Alan Perlis


Paradigm Shift, Mindfulness, and Personal Empowerment

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