Ganesha Cards—3 card spread: #6 Fulfillment, #24 Wholeness, #3 Delight

From Angela Hartfield’s Whispers of Lord Ganesha

No matter what you want to do or become, you will achieve more with knowledge.

Ganesha appears on this card reading a scroll which is a symbol of the importance of education and the pursuit of knowledge. This could indicate there is some time to increase study and learning. Go deep into inquiry into a field that you want to explore and choose to experience a teacher who can help you learn more.

You may need to find someone to consult for more information; a counselor, an author, a therapist or a spiritual advisor. Through this you may discover new skills and have the wisdom to receive guidance and advice.

You are also your own teacher, so seek the information you desire at your fingertips. Knowledge can never be taken from you. “No matter what you’re longing to do or become, you will benefit from gaining more knowledge.” This is a time for curiosity and an open mind.

Acknowledge the oneness of all life

You are a part of something much larger. You are connected to this life and that which is greater and outside of ourselves. Ganesha here is guiding you to recognize the sacred truth that you were divine being, here to give and receive love. Angela suggest “it is time to recognize your role in this life; that you are complete and whole as you are and lack nothing.”

Green is representative of the fourth chakra, the heart chakra. The heart chakra is the center where we experience love and when the heart chakra is open you are able to create a safe and supportive loving environment. Compassion is at an abundance and empathy flows. This would be a wonderful time to see the divine in yourself and others.

This is peace.

We are born with the gift of laughter. Laughter is a natural medicine.

Laughter is a natural occurrence that can make you feel different. It can make you feel good and joyful. It can be a diversion from the difficult and stagnant. It creates real and tangible changes in the body. Enjoy humor and the lightness of spirit. “There are actually some stories that Ganesha was born from Shiva’s laughter.” You may ask Ganesha to help you to lighten up through laughter. 😆

There’s nothing like a proper belly laugh!

Ganesha Cards: #35 Personal Transformation

From Angela Hartfield’s Whispers of Lord Ganesha

Your soul is assisting you with creating changes to align you with your life‘s purpose.

As you can see in this image “Ganesha is pointing to the heavens and encouraging you to be open to new ideas and the growth of your spirit. Listen to the still small voice within.”

You may have been feeling a strong desire to obtain or experience again a sense of meaning, inspiration, or purpose in your life. You might actually be making some significant adjustments right now. These shifts and changes are assisting you in the process of changing yourself from the old you to the new year. You will benefit from a fresh perspective.

This is a great place to begin honoring the person who you are truly meant to be Period this will take the place of the routine that has had a little meaning to you.

Eliminate what is not essential to your transformation. Sometimes our activities are buffers or distractions from what is important. However these obstacles will appear minor if you do not give up on your desired outcome. Allow these changes to happen and trust that what you desired to manifest will be.

This speaks to me personally because I am experiencing my own personal transformation. In my spiritual practice it is referred to as a human revolution, a great change that can occur within one person which inevitably impacts others. Although this happens every day, there are times when we must push through the karmic barriers that seem impossible to overcome. Impassible. As we get older, the duration of these transformations seem to take forever. Even when we are younger we want a quick fix. We desire that things bring us immediate gratification. However, there is much to be grateful for in not giving up on yourself.

To Make a Vow: Growth in Partnerships

Do you want a happy, healthy, fulfilling relationship or do you want Instagramable pictures?

Do you need to be seen smiling all the time or does your partner know that despite the look on your face, your heart is in the same place?

What is growth to you? Is it achieving more, reaching a milestone of age or talent? Is it evolving and finding flexibility in the standards and structures you’ve set? It could be the simple act of creating or respecting new boundaries.

Setting vows at the start of your marriage frames them as a promise that will then be formed into short, medium and long term goals. Once you feel fulfilled in some aspect of the relationship, you’ll tell yourself a vow has been met. But really, a commitment-vow is a determination you make and work to uphold. The proof that you are meeting your vow is how your partner feels, and the residual effects of reciprocity. Often “you’re not living up to…” stems from the framework set at the start of the commitment, not the marriage itself, but it seeps into the reasons why people cross the threshold. They are attempting to prove, through force and control, that the relationship will live up to the vows.

Expectations are implicit in relationships. Much of the work we have to do as individuals is to reduce or reframe the expectations we have of others. Are these expectations based on what we believe the other person is capable of doing or are they based on what we want to receive from them?

Vows should be personal. Even if someone (else) has said them before; they should mean something and align with your values and intentions. They are not just dreams and wishes. They are actionable. They are based in truth, not just the want of truth. If you’ve ever been told “I love you”—would you not believe it real and authentic if it was said again?

(Do you know you are lovable or are you asking, nay, expecting love from a source that is not for you?)