Hate It When You Love

Something is terribly wrong when someone doesn’t want you to love yourself. When your friends (or that inner voice) begins to say those indelible words “Molly, you in danger girl” it’s already too late. Not too late to make changes. Sure. But you’re already in a critical situation in a relationship when one can laugh […]

Because I Said So: A King’s Response

There are fewer indicators that somebody means what they say than actually saying what they mean. This week Kanye West (KW) and DJ Khaled (DJK) have had a monologue with the world. Soliloquies that do not include the actual love they have a espoused for the past years. A message of love that was clearly […]

Relationship Primer: A setting for happiness

Primer has saved the face of many a cosmetic user. A couple of sprays in the morning and you have a full day of long wear makeup. Unfortunately, this is not true for relationships. Primers help set things in place, but they can’t keep them their forever; looking fresh and new, feeling youthful. At the […]

Cancer, Kids, and Curriculum

When a young person dies it is difficult to process their loss. You believe they should outlast you, way beyond your experience with them, plus 5 years (give or take). Unfortunately, adolescents leave this plane and the adults around them need to support other young people in their grief. We are putting together a crisis […]


You might ask why the International Day of Happiness is a thing. Happiness is important. It can alter the body when the spirit and mind fully believe in its possibilities. When each person is happy they are able to share that happiness with others. Whether through compassionate acts, empathetic gestures or mindfulness, your happiness can […]


“One man's constant is another man's variable.” Alan Perlis


Paradigm Shift, Mindfulness, and Personal Empowerment

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