Ganesha Cards: #31 Decision

From Angela Hartfield’s Whispers of Lord Ganesha Consider all of your options to make an informed choice There are some questions Angela poses. What exactly do you want in this situation? Are you satisfied with the way things are moving in your life? Ganesha is guiding you to know that your desires are within your […]

All is Full of Love: So are my last words 🌬

I learned early on that you must mean what you say. This was encouraged through two books with accompanying tapes called “Gratitude” and “Little White Lies”. As a child, it was reinforced every time someone died. I’d recall their lessons and feel utterly guilty at 8 years old for having secrets. Did you get to […]

Antebellum: I Get It But…

There are continuity issues. For a story that is supposed to have a hard impact on its audience, it becomes a soft target. Opening with a quote by William Faulkner “The past is never dead. It’s not even past” grounds the tale in the thriller genre. It’s pretty traumatic to see ghosts, believe you’re haunted […]

Hydration is Healing

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