PTSD: Pandemic Teacher Shaming Discourse

Thread by @celebrantny: I will. Thanks for the advice. We have a title and no article so I do wonder what angle this person took. But all thechers comparing teachers to complaining brats is ridiculous. We are essential workers cause you’re mad at the pus… — Read on EXCERPT from thread. Click on the […]

A Great Pain: Sorry is Never Said

There are people who say sorry all the time. After every statement. After every sorry they were told was unnecessary. Then there are people who don’t find the time or feel the need to offer an apology. Maybe it has nothing to do with them and this is the distinction. I recently raised money for […]

Respect the Virus 🦠

What do you think you’re going to outrun? Felix is dead. He probably got it from his Aunt who was ill before anyone was paying attention back in March. She died. Then he died. Then his parents buried them and returned to Florida. Now his Mother is dead. This is to the people who believe […]

Memories: In the Covid19 of My Mind

How many diseases is it going to take to help us realize we are mortal? Mortality exists everyday, not just when a pandemic exposes the holes in our social infrastructure. Now the hypochondriacs and those suffering from OCD will no longer be laughed at. We’ll remember the people who stockpiled toilet paper as if they […]


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