That Woman at Brewster Place: Cicely Tyson An Icon 🤎

Cicely Tyson, featured in the cast photo far left, flatters in every light. She has passed on (1924-2021). The day of the Full Moon. A great power. I’m sure a film historian or artist biographer could write something much more profound about Miss Tyson. But I’m going to tell you this. She acted in films […]

All is Full of Love: So are my last words 🌬

I learned early on that you must mean what you say. This was encouraged through two books with accompanying tapes called “Gratitude” and “Little White Lies”. As a child, it was reinforced every time someone died. I’d recall their lessons and feel utterly guilty at 8 years old for having secrets. Did you get to […]

Hydration is Healing

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