Ganesha Cards: #23

Empowerment from Whispers of Lord Ganesha by Angela Hartfield Rely on your inner strength to ensure your dreams are realized. The card is yellow to represent the third chakra or the solar plexus. This is where our self-esteem, willpower, self discipline and personality lie. Strengthen your inner resolve. Develop your Self Esteem in order to […]

Keep Saying “I do”

It’s a celebration this leap year! My college roommate from freshman year just got married…to the man she’s been with for 20 years. Since what happened in between is her story I’ll leave that to the Mrs.’ with the new last name. And three kids. The first entering our lives at the last weeks of […]

Hate It When You Love

Something is terribly wrong when someone doesn’t want you to love yourself. When your friends (or that inner voice) begins to say those indelible words “Molly, you in danger girl” it’s already too late. Not too late to make changes. Sure. But you’re already in a critical situation in a relationship when one can laugh […]

Celebrity Declarations and the Unaffected Patriarchy 🤦🏽‍♀️

The Opinion by Marcie Bianco is a well written piece. It is consistent in many ways. It does not, however, in my opinion, support it’s claim. It just makes one. Basically, Miley Cyrus and Julianne Hough are disrupting the Patriarchy by telling the public (and their partners 😮) that they aren’t heterosexual. 😳🤯 This, […]


“One man's constant is another man's variable.” Alan Perlis


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