SGN: John Krasinski and The Three Poisons

John Krasinski made headlines recently for his YouTube show “Some Good News”. It caught my eye because he said that teachers should be paid $1.8 million a day. Obviously making a joke at being a parent and having to homeschool their children. It was funny. I would love it to be a reality. But the […]

Change Your Address: Living in the Buddha Land 🙏🏼🛤

It is often incorrectly assumed that the mere act of thinking about a things negative aspects makes negative energy emerge in your reality. If it were true, that what we think becomes reality, then many of us would have exactly what we want all the time. Think it and it will appear. While it is […]


“One man's constant is another man's variable.” Alan Perlis


Paradigm Shift, Mindfulness, and Personal Empowerment

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