Ganesha Cards—3 card spread: #6 Fulfillment, #24 Wholeness, #3 Delight

From Angela Hartfield’s Whispers of Lord Ganesha

No matter what you want to do or become, you will achieve more with knowledge.

Ganesha appears on this card reading a scroll which is a symbol of the importance of education and the pursuit of knowledge. This could indicate there is some time to increase study and learning. Go deep into inquiry into a field that you want to explore and choose to experience a teacher who can help you learn more.

You may need to find someone to consult for more information; a counselor, an author, a therapist or a spiritual advisor. Through this you may discover new skills and have the wisdom to receive guidance and advice.

You are also your own teacher, so seek the information you desire at your fingertips. Knowledge can never be taken from you. “No matter what you’re longing to do or become, you will benefit from gaining more knowledge.” This is a time for curiosity and an open mind.

Acknowledge the oneness of all life

You are a part of something much larger. You are connected to this life and that which is greater and outside of ourselves. Ganesha here is guiding you to recognize the sacred truth that you were divine being, here to give and receive love. Angela suggest “it is time to recognize your role in this life; that you are complete and whole as you are and lack nothing.”

Green is representative of the fourth chakra, the heart chakra. The heart chakra is the center where we experience love and when the heart chakra is open you are able to create a safe and supportive loving environment. Compassion is at an abundance and empathy flows. This would be a wonderful time to see the divine in yourself and others.

This is peace.

We are born with the gift of laughter. Laughter is a natural medicine.

Laughter is a natural occurrence that can make you feel different. It can make you feel good and joyful. It can be a diversion from the difficult and stagnant. It creates real and tangible changes in the body. Enjoy humor and the lightness of spirit. “There are actually some stories that Ganesha was born from Shiva’s laughter.” You may ask Ganesha to help you to lighten up through laughter. 😆

There’s nothing like a proper belly laugh!

Ganesha Cards 3-card Spread: #16 Clear Your Energy, #18 Openness, #29 Positive Outlook

From Angela Hartfield’s Whispers of Lord Ganesha

Past— move through your fears to bring on change.

Obstacles are clearing that have been impeding your progress. As these obstacles are removed there will be a shift in your consciousness. Destroy the old in order to create something new. This will allow you to move into a positive phase of freedom, and opportunity to be embraced. Continue to believe in yourself because the right outlook could go a long way.

Present— observe, evaluate, and make inquiries before forming a conclusion.

When the moon is waning it is a good time to begin to review goals & correct mistakes. Get rid of what is no longer working for you so that you may clear away excess and old energy. Whatever clutter you have accumulated needs focus on separation and removal. Listen to your heart and your inner voice. “Ganesha advises you to gain more information before you act.” Do not feel rushed or pressured to start these new projects. Be appreciative that you are prepared to participate and receive.

Future— how do you feel depends on your own mental attitude.

The many faces of Ganesha, depicted in the card above, reflect how you feel about the different aspects of your life –-spirituality, health, finances, relationship, and emotional well-being. This is neither about good or bad, but neutrality. “It is how you approach the situation that will determine your outcome.” Do not be controlled by your moods. Acknowledge how you feel. Name it. Sit with it. It may dislocate from you on its own. The more control one attempts to exert over natural reactions, the more depleted you are; after all, we are fighting ourselves in the end.

Ganesha Cards 3-Card Spread: #48 Divine Support, #36 Healing, #37 Cultivation

From Angela Hartfield’s Whispers of Lord Ganesha

The Past

AUM is a powerful tool for bringing focus and awareness to the deeper meaning of life.

Choose your own adventure. Use what works for you. When I chant, as the repetition increases and becomes as natural as one’s breath, this sound heard by others may come across as “Om”.

According to Angela, “drawing on divine support facilitates a greater connection to your divine voice. This should be a source of inspiration and great wisdom in times of uncertainty or challenge.” AUM is sacred, the cosmic sound. The use of this sound is one way to help you connect to the divine support available to you now. Wisdom, knowledge and guidance that is innate will emerge.

The Present

The true essence of your soul is one of complete health.

Here Ganesha is pictured atop a peacock. Their feathers have been used in healing remedies for thousands of years across cultures. It is meant to create balance and healing.

The truth of your being may be thrown out of balance with the challenges of daily life. The complications disrupt our true cause. The superficial or human experience that is facilitated through stereotyping and valuing external information distracts us from what is most meaningful. Take responsibility for your own well-being while you’re on this Earth. See yourself as complete, healthy, and whole. A part of seeing yourself this way is empowering yourself to seek support if necessary.

The Future

Listening to music can heal, encourage, and nurture your soul.

Music it’s truly a universal tool of communication. Music has the power to span and unite communities and cultures. Music feeds our emotions, so choose wisely.

Musical tones have been studied for years in terms of their connection to the human body and how we react to them. They can have an energetic impact on the cells and organs of the human body. If you ever have thought “I like this person‘s vibe” then something within that person was resonating with you. This is why it’s also important to be discerning when choosing the people you surround yourself with; the events you choose to participate in affect you, especially depending on how sensitive you are to social interactions.

You can choose to listen to music and sounds that soothe you. You can listen to something that shifts your own energy. You can also choose to separate yourself from the myriad technological devices that we use in order to give yourself a break from the (electronic) stress.

There’s always AUM…