Ganesha Cards: #33

From The Whispers of Lord Ganesha by Angela Hartfield

Ganesha stands at the center, surrounded by the Trinity of Hinduism. Vishnu, Shiva, and Brahma. As the World was in dissolution they wandered the earth and saw a light where Ganesha sat. The image depicts Ganesha standing center, surrounded by the Trinity of Hinduism. Vishnu, Shiva, and Brahma.

They ask and Ganesha to bless them and Ganesha and entrusts them with the duties of preserver, destroyer, and creator.

This card is about guidance and guidance is based on communication. Where this communication comes from may differ.

The word synchronicity appears multiple times in the explanation for guidance. This means that the ways in which we communicate do not merely rest in dialogue but also exist in the messages you receive from the world around you. The silent messages. The things you may call coincidences, which are surely experiences and moments you should recognize as unique and made for you.

SGN: John Krasinski and The Three Poisons

John Krasinski made headlines recently for his YouTube show “Some Good News”. It caught my eye because he said that teachers should be paid $1.8 million a day. Obviously making a joke at being a parent and having to homeschool their children. It was funny. I would love it to be a reality. But the reality is that Krasinski just sold Some Good News to Viacom. What did you expect? People are watching it. People are trapped at home needing some good news and they were getting it for a few episodes.

This is a micro-aggression against sanity. 🙏🏽

But here’s where quarantining and softening restrictions on social and physical distancing will displace the show. He failed to truly do it from his heart. Not my words, but I definitely read online that some people called him a sellout. He did sell a fake network program to a conglomerate. You decide.

And here’s the way The 3 Poisons relate.

Greed: he took a bunch of money which causes the program to be owned by another company which then controls on what platform it will allow audiences to consume its content. And he already has a bunch of money so 🤷🏽‍♀️ 💰. Selfishness/delusion.

Anger: pissed off audience that is no longer watching a “feel good” show to cope with quarantine but will now have no investment in a new arrangement, if you even saw it in the first place. It reappearing on a network somewhere at some future point will only remind people of the reason it’s there in the first place. Arrogance.

Foolishness: bad move. He went full Jack Ryan and just milked the cow. Reinforcing a lack of trust. Reminding us that actors can be bad actors when they are self serving. I mean I’ve never been in the position of selling something for loads of currency but what goes through your head when you’re on the other end of that call. Mental.

The whole thing is perverse. As much as we don’t even wanna deal with the word perversity, what we see in leadership and in politics today is as filthy as it gets so you might as well get comfortable with fetishes and fuckery.

Getting clandestine haircuts and brandishing guns for no good reason. Lynching Black men. Still. Yeah some of us need some good news, but we’ll get it. When and where we need it.

Ganesha Cards: #46

From Whispers of Lord Ganesha by Angela Hartfield

This card asks you to “seek and honor the beauty and splendor that is within and around you”.

It is asking us to use our creativity when our critical mind is overworking. To not give up when challenges arise, especially self-doubt.

One of the projects that took the bulk of my attention today was collaging. I finally was able to get some scotch tape, which is like gold to me. And so I fixed the French door windows in my apartment.

Here is one of them that I created before I pulled the Ganesha card…

Each collage has a twin. Another self on the other side of the pane.

Abuelita: The Sorry is Sometimes Silent

I received this card yesterday for my birthday. It is a watercolor painting done by my grandmother Carmen Maria “Millie” Paradiso.

She was always an artist but I never saw her work until she retired and participated in some classes. At first I thought it was a hobby. But her work is amazing! I have several paintings framed on my wall.

What could sadden me is that I didn’t know the artistic women in my family. Her brother was an Engineer by trade but an innate artist. Much like my brother, both were naturally talented and were encouraged to harness those skills. Their paintings are also framed and hanging on the walls of our homes.

Still, the most special part of this card is the message my mother wrote inside. And that’s for me. There is forgiveness and love and respect housed in the paper of a painting from her mother who died almost 5 year ago. There could be no better time for this message.

There is distance in time and space but not in our hearts. 💕


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