The M Word

I’ve wanted to find a book for same gender and queer couples to even out the playing field, if you will. I know many TLBGQI individuals already argued against marriage before it was a civil right (limited). So I wasn’t sure what I was in for. But here you have it, Writers on Same Sex […]

Speaking From the Heart ❤️ 

Consider omitting this from your wedding ceremony: if anyone has anything to say about this union, speak now or forever hold your peace. Most witnesses don’t hold their tongues after you’ve been married for a bit. Especially if they haven’t been holding their tongue since before the wedding.  This is NOT the time to say anything […]

Vows: Talking Points for a Possible Future

Vows make me laugh. In contemporary ceremonies, it becomes abundantly clear when the words and intentions are contrived. Don’t say what everyone else has said. Don’t sing a song you don’t have in your heart. Whether during a wedding or a personal, intimate moment, vows and promises should be made with earnestness and hope. Your […]

Hydration is Healing

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