Sick Secrets: Carrie Fisher

I had a love-hate relationship with Princess Leia hairstyle. No matter how I wore buns, I’d be called names and feel like I didn’t belong on the planet. Which is perfect because Carrie and the Princess weren’t from here either. 

In a galaxy far far away, Ms. Fisher was a warrior hero who constantly fought the demons of her life. As an adult I discovered she suffered from mental illness and addiction and thought Post Cards from the Edge was still too mature for me at the time. But it still made sense… Fix your f*d up life. Yeah, your mother did it or didn’t do enough but what’s wonderful about Carrie and her mother is that they’ve cussed each other out enough to know when the truth is being told.

I wasn’t too honor Ms Fisher because of her truth telling about things that make us pariahs and outsiders. Addiction, mental illness, treatment options, support… No bad decision went unexamined. And I’m sure the road was long, but as I recently read you have to do the work. Everyone recognized for the work has to do the work before they receive the accolades.


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